Increasing online revenue by 365% for Fire & Security Store

Fire & Security Store


Fire & Security Store is a leading eCommerce site for all things fire and security, including extinguishers, alarms, CCTV, and signage. Stocking over 900 products from all major brands and manufacturers, Fire & Security Store is the only supplier selling to both established fire and security companies and the general public. 

To build upon their stellar reputation in the industry (96% positive feedback on Trustpilot), Fire & Security Store wanted to continue to grow their online presence and revenue from their website. Having been referred to us by another client, they partnered with Zest to increase their leads through digital channels. 

This meant our objective was two-fold: Audit and restructure the existing Google Ads account, and increase the account’s profitability by reducing the average cost per conversion by at least 35%.


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to improving PPC account performance. It requires precise testing and ongoing optimisation to see results. 

Our experts conducted a thorough audit of the account, closely analysing the campaigns, ad groups, keywords, targeting, bid strategies, and more. Our analysis quickly determined that the account would benefit from being restructured entirely. This would be more effective than manually implementing each of the changes individually, and we were confident that the new structure would deliver impressive results. 

Once we had restructured the account, our strategy was to closely monitor and optimise the account based on the data collected to improve performance and profitability.


The existing structure had many campaigns attracting unwanted clicks from searchers with the wrong intent, leading to low-quality leads and wasted ad spend. To improve cost per conversion, we knew we had to minimise this.

To achieve this, we focused on including more “negative” keywords in our campaigns. These are keywords that prevent an ad from being triggered by a specific word or phrase. By adding negative keywords to the campaign, we can prevent ads from triggering for broad, irrelevant, and low-quality searches such as “free” or “eBay”. This is a regular exercise within our ongoing optimisations to tighten targeting and eliminate wasted spend. 

Another critical aspect of the account optimisation was Google Shopping Ads. These ads typically appear within search results above text-based ads and provide the user with a product image and name, price, and shop name. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg where Shopping Ads are concerned. Unlike ordinary search and display ads, Google Shopping lets you include additional product details, including reviews and real-time sales information (see the “PRICE DROP” example below).

A&E Fire & Security Ad

The existing account had few Shopping Ads, and many had been disapproved for not matching Google’s criteria. By resolving these issues, we took the heavy-lifting out of comparison shopping for the searchers and meant we could position Fire & Security Store’s products as the affordable option.

As we continued to fine-tune our approach, we also began to implement test-based campaigns. Using Dynamic Search Ads (which auto-fill’s ads with relevant ad copy and triggers an ad when Google identifies a potential opportunity), we could learn more about the types of searches users were making. This helped us ensure we weren’t missing any gems in our targeted campaigns.


Once we had the account in a strong position, we suggested that the client increase their monthly ad budget, as we were confident the investment would deliver profitable results.

Spoiler alert: it did. 

Following the restructure in January 2021 and within the first three months of launching our campaign, we achieved a 55% reduction in the account’s average cost per conversion and Fire & Security Store enjoyed an increase of 360% in revenue from Google ads compared to the previous period.

A&E Fire & Security Results

increase in revenue


reduction in cost per click


reduction in cost per conversion

“From the get-go, we’ve enjoyed our partnership with Zest and have been very impressed with the influx of leads they’ve generated. The team at Zest understands our needs and goals as a business and have tailored specific strategies to support our growth.”

Ed Stallard, Managing Director for Fire & Security Store


increase in revenue


reduction in cost per click


reduction in cost per conversion

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