Growth Curve

Everything you need to build and maintain a successful in-house marketing team

“We’ve seen incredibly strong progress towards our goals. Zest's team are proactive, skilled, and have our commercial interests at heart. This has been reflected in their work.”

Steve Morten, Marketing Manager of Hanson (UK)

Hiring an in-house growth team is easiest when you've done it before

We’ve been building growth teams and proven frameworks for 10+ years and have made the mistakes that we now help other organisations to avoid.

Growth Curve provides everything you need to build and maintain a successful in-house growth team from recruitment to results.

What we'll cover

Growth Curve is the complete in-housing support solution for organisations looking to expand their marketing team and capabilities.

1. Roadmap

Growth Map

Growth Map

Complete an expertly-guided growth mapper workshop to plan your future marketing roadmap.

2. Recruit

Role:Roadmap Identifier

Match roles and responsibilities to your specific roadmap to optimise your team structure.

Content Plan

Talent Scope

Craft attractive role descriptions and job specifications ready to deploy into the market.

Candidate Qualifier

We’ll use competency-based assessments to filter candidates down to the rockstars.

3. Results

Growth Manager

Your Growth Manager will support you and your new in-house marketing team from start to finish.

Proven Frameworks

We’ll share, coach, and help to deploy our proven frameworks with your team for maximum results.

On-Demand Talent

Priority access to our own team of specialists to fill any gaps and to scale your results.

Take the first step towards faster and more predictable revenue growth

“Zest have been an instrumental partner in our growth, tying together our digital strategy and delivery, and producing a 1400% ROI”

Nick Attfield, Commercial Manager of Latham’s Steel Security Doors


Yes, this is a non-negotiable 18-month investment plan divided into three stages.

  1. The first phase is to create your roadmap and to begin recruiting for your in-house marketing team. (90-days) 
  2. The second phase is to revisit your roadmap with your new team as they onboard, and to train on using our frameworks and goal tracking software.  
  3. The final phase is to act as a consultant expert, supporting your new team with strategic direction and coaching where necessary, whilst providing accountability and impartial feedback to management.

At the end of this three-phase journey, your team should be in a position to continue unaided. Further support will become optional at this point.

Whilst we will help to identify role(s), specify responsibilities, and shortlist recommendations, we do not make recruit decisions on your behalf. The final recruitment decision includes many other dynamics such as culture-fit, compensation, recruitment fees, and more. It is your decision to make.

At your request, we are happy to introduce you to trusted recruitment partners who excel at placing marketing roles.

Growth Curve significantly reduces the time taken to build a successful growth-based in-house marketing team. We share all of our closely-guarded inside secrets that have taken over 10 years to refine, and provide close support throughout.

With this in mind, culture-fit and chemistry is incredibly important to us, and as a result not all applications are successful.

Our fees are monthly, and are made up of a base retainer, an IP license fee, plus 1% of gross salary, for each team member hired as part of this programme.


Base Retainer: £1,495
IP Licensing: £300
1% of 3x Team Members (£22,000, £29,000, £32,000): £830

£2,625+VAT per month


Take the first step towards faster and more predictable revenue growth