Are you keeping watch of your competitors?

Alex Minchin
Alex Minchin

Competitor Research

The internet is a great marketing platform, and your campaign might well be flying. But what about your competitors? Are you keeping tabs on their activity, the terms they’re targeting, the links they’re building, their rankings, and all the other stuff that you could/should be?

There are numerous (and fairly simple!) techniques that you can use to keep an eye on their activity. Here is a simple post that goes over 2 of the quick checks you can do by just using Google whilst your emails are downloading.

1. Our strongest pages are…

A standard web search will aim to deliver the most relevant results to the user. Whilst you can type in your competitor’s name in hope of singling out their website, it’s surprisingly easy enough to filter results to just your competitor. Not only this but Google indexes websites in order of strength, meaning that you can keep tabs on what pages they are prioritising in their link building and on-site optimisation. Why is this handy?

Simply search for to get started!

Add some Zest: Try adding keywords to your search to see how your competitors are targeting their terms. Add modifiers such as + keyword to bring up their relevant pages.

2. WWW is the only player in town… Or is it?

Your competitors might use sub-domains (other than the traditional www sub-domain) to house some of their best content, perhaps even new developments that they don’t want outsiders seeing! Whilst this can be a sneaky tactic, it can often reveal some hidden gems. Plus… If any secrets are found, it serves their web management team right for not putting in place the necessary content restrictions, right?

The search to do this is relatively simple – site:* where the asterisk acts as a wildcard to any appending sub-domain.

Add some Zest: The huge majority of websites will flood you with results showing www sub-domain results. To narrow it down to results you may not be aware of, add a modifier to the search – site:* -inurl:www

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