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When running a PPC campaign in Google Adwords, you must optimise your strategy based on which Google network you run your ads in. There are 2 main networks; the Search Network and the Display Network (formerly called the Content Network).

Speaking to clients who have tried Adwords in the past, many aren’t convinced by its effectiveness. This is usually due to running a single campaign in both networks (which Adwords does by default). In most cases, running a single campaign in both the Search and Display networks is counterproductive to cost-effectiveness, unnecessarily driving down your ROI.

What are the differences between the Search and Display Networks?

Ads which run in the Google Search Network will appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This means that when someone searches for the keywords you chose when building your campaign (for example: Dog Training), your ads will be displayed. The screenshot below shows this:

Google Search Network

Ads which run in the Google Display Network will appear on websites which contain the keywords you chose whilst building your campaign, seen below:

Google Display Network

Why should you use different strategies for each network?

Fundamentally, Google Adwords’ two networks target two different types of consumer. The Display Network targets people higher up the sales funnel than the Search Network does. Typically, people searching for a product or service on Google are already in a buyer’s frame of mind. They are specifically searching for the product/service with the intention to purchase it. This is where the true power of adwords lies; putting your ads in front of people who have their credit cards at the ready. The high value of these leads is why running your ads in the Search Network is typically more expensive than the Display Network.

sales funnelAlthough the Search Network is where the most direct conversions are gained, the Display Network can also be a great marketing tool, but you must take a different approach.

The Display Network is more suited to building brand awareness, which can then lead on to consumer consideration (which is where your ads in the Search Network come in to play). With the right kind of eye-catching ads in the Display Network, you can direct people on to your ads in the Search Network (when they search for your business or product in Google after seeing your ad/banner on a website), which then leads them to your website. Combined strategies like this can be very powerful, but they require high levels of optimisation and testing to get right. When starting your first Adwords campaign, priority should be put on perfecting your campaigns in the Search Network, as this is where you will gain the most conversions/leads/sales.

When building your Adwords campaign you must first decide whether you’d prefer to build brand awareness, or gain direct/immediate conversions/leads. Both are essential to a businesses’s success, and both require unique strategies when using the Adwords platform.

We are Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified Professionals, and can help you to build an Adwords campaign adhering to all best PPC practices. If you’d like to find out how Zest can create a ppc campaign to help your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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