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Project Managing Campaigns in a Digital World

Innovative Technology

The era of digital marketing has provided a glorious opportunity to people with unique skillsets. The industry is constantly changing and evolving, with constant advancement in technology across the board. Businesses that can stay on top of these digital advancements will reap the rewards in both marketing and project management spheres.

Deploying project management techniques and viewing the digital arsenal available to marketers, from a strategic point of view ensures steps can be planned, correctly implemented and monitored to ensure project success.

Within the digital marketing playground, there are various content types and genres that are available to businesses large and small. Multiple avenues are available to explore including content marketing, viral media, social media, and much more. Paid options are also available, utilising tools such as Google Adwords and sponsored social posts on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Delving a little deeper, the technical SEO aspect of digital campaigns is also essential to their success, and this forms a key part of what we do at Zest.

Effective Project Management is Crucial

Highly successful campaigns encompass all of the features above. Each possible avenue and different content type can be interwoven to mutually benefit and coexist within the project. With various intricacies and possibilities involved within this type of project, effective project management is crucial.

Throughout the various digital projects that I have worked on, I have used multiple tools to allow me to create, implement and monitor all aspects within. Tools such as Gantt charts, work breakdown structure, product breakdown structure, progress reporting and CPI charts just to name a few.

However, in the more modern times of digital marketing, I have had the privilege of indulging my time with online project management tools, which can all work harmoniously together to form the complete project management package. I have highlighted my 5 top online project management tools to assist the modern day digital project manager.

Project Management Tools

Top 5 Online Project Management tools:

1. Podio

Podio is a web based platform for the management of projects. For each project it is possible to create an individual workspace encompassing aspects such as deliverables, team communication, project scope and timelines. It is possible to customise each individual project by adding desired apps in order to cater for each project requirement.

Visit the Podio website.

2. Harvest

Harvest is a time tracking tool for companies or individuals. It makes it possible to enter any task at any time that you may be undertaking, and monitors it in real time simply by clicking play. If you were to switch to another task or project, you simply pause the current task, and start another. It enables teams to monitor how much time is spent, and where time can be better used.

Visit the Harvest website.

3. PPMRoadmap

Roadmap is another task and project tracker. The tool tracks in real time all aspects within a project and provides real time data which can be used within meetings. It provides infographics for easily displaying the data of projects, and can be accessible and customisable by all involved. It links to base camp for an overall coverage within a project.

Visit the Roadmap website.

4. SmartGantt

SmartGantt provides an online tool version of the classic Gantt chart management which has been adopted by many over the years. The system fully breaks down all aspects within a project allowing the user to see time scheduling, project scope and milestones within a project. The tool allows users to login and modify on their own or as a team. It is a highly effective tool for displaying simply the project life cycle.

Visit the SmartGantt website.

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is a software tool that makes it simple for all individuals involved within a project to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other. It allows the sharing of files, updates on progress and to monitor expected delivery dates for all aspects. This software links with Roadmap in order to integrate all aspects and to be easily visible.

Visit the Basecamp website.


I have found these online tools highly beneficial, especially when working in a team. It is possible to cooperatively add any insights or gained ground within the project and for all involved to immediately notice and react accordingly.

It ensures transparency within projects and all employees however a further nice feature to the online platforms, is that clients involved are also able to see the progression. For example, if me and my team are running a project for a client and updating all the tools on the online platform, and a client is interested in receiving an update, it is possible to invite them to see for themselves the project life cycle and progression.

I highly advise, for all looking to improve the running of their companies or project, to utilise the power of these innovative online platforms.

For more information about our how we manage client campaigns, get in touch with Zest Digital today!

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