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PPC doesn't work

We get it. You’ve tried PPC before and it didn’t work.

We’re guessing that’s because you (a) tried it yourself, or (b) got silently palmed off to a junior learning their trade on your hard-earned money.

Yesss, nailed it didn’t we? 💪

The key with PPC is to realise that it’s a whole career path, and that you shouldn’t be spending time you don’t have, gambling your marketing budget.

Instead, look for a PPC agency that has partner status with all the major platforms from Google to Microsoft, with all certifications from search and shopping, to mobile and display.

Look for a PPC management company that charges a transparent fixed-fee, without skimming off a percentage of your spend.

Speak to a reputable partner that guarantees a senior level PPC expert leading your campaign at all times.

Oh, and only trust a PPC management company that shows you a financial forecast of your expected results before ever taking a penny.

That’s right. You’re looking at ’em 😉

Our Proven PPC Agency Process

Growth Map

Growth Map

We’ll create your entire roadmap from target audience, to messaging, to revenue and ROI forecasting.


PPC Planning

Our unique methodology ensures that every task works towards your goals with complete transparency.


Keyword Research

Your keyword plan will identify the most profitable keywords that will drive new leads continuously.

Paid Advertising

PPC Ad Creation

We’ll craft your PPC ads using captivating messaging to drive maximum click-throughs.

Customer Targeting

Using advanced interest, behaviour, and topic targeting, we’ll match your ads to your potential customers.

PPC Landing Pages

Landing pages out-perform websites every time. We’ll create specific landing pages to convert more leads for you.


Geographic Targeting

We can target specific cities and regions to ensure you’re generating relevant leads from your PPC budget.

Actionable Reporting

We only report on a handful of metrics that matter, supported with insights and recommendations, always.


All new clients benefit from 30-days of unlimited design and development fixes for FREE.

Take the first step towards faster and more predictable revenue growth

Taking Your PPC "To The Next Level"

The Zest team were instrumental in taking our business to the next level through their knowledge and data-driven approach. They proactively pitched their ideas, proved their case, and our investment in them has paid off beyond our expectations.
Adam Marston, Managing Director for Dove Steel Doors

Delivering PPC Results For 10 Years

At Zest, we’ve been successfully helping businesses to grow for a decade, and we have delivered millions of pounds of revenue for our clients over that time.

We are one of a few selected agencies who were selected for the Google Elevator course held at Google HQ in London. We are certified Google and Microsoft Advertising partners.

Our Promise To You

Business Growth

Your business will grow. Our average client lifetime is 42-months and counting. That’s some loyalty…

Experienced Team

You will work with an experienced team, not a junior learning their trade on your marketing budget.

30-Day Guarantee

0% risk for the first 30-days. Find us another agency who will guarantee their work with that confidence…

Take the first step towards faster and more predictable revenue growth

You're In Good Company

“I cannot recommend the team at Zest highly enough. Our visibility on Google and elsewhere brings us new business every single day. These are opportunities that would quite simply never have found us if it wasn’t for their exceptional ability to deliver results year-on-year.

James Woollard, Managing Director for Polythene UK

Full Stack PPC Management


Capturing the most high-intent keyword searches from customers looking for your products and services.

Display Ads


Enhanced brand awareness campaigns to maximise the number of eyes on your business.


Advanced remarketing to ensure that your business stays in front of your most engaged customers-to-be.

Video Ads

YouTube & Video

We’ll craft your PPC ads using captivating messaging to drive maximum click-throughs.

Mobile Ads


Targeting your customers on the mobile devices they interact with most often, to create more opportunities.



From Google Shopping to Amazon, we’ll get your ads in front of your customers at the time of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions below, to help you to understand if we’re the right PPC Agency for you:

Who do you work with?

We work with established B2B businesses who are looking to take the next step in their growth. Clients typically come to us with poor performing PPC campaigns or because their current provider no longer matches their ambition.

Is it easy to switch from my current PPC provider?

Great question! The answer is yes. We’ll liaise directly with your old provider to hand over access to your data and assets. This process typically takes between 3-10 working days.

How do you price?

We charge a monthly fixed-fee based on your requirements, with no additional percentage of spend. The typical agency theory is that the more spend, the more management required. This isn’t true. It’s quite normal to see businesses investing £000s into just one simple, high-converting campaign. We keep more of your budget invested in your ads.

Do you only provide Google Ads management?

Nope, our expertise spans Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Amazon. Whatever your requirements, we can assemble a team to deliver.

What is PPC and how does it work?

That’s a question too big for this Q&A, but you can read our PPC insights here to learn more about how this game-changing channel can transform your business.

Who uses Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is used by businesses that want to scale fast, whilst also uncovering more data about their customers than through SEO or other comparable channels.

Is PPC expensive?

PPC is only expensive if it doesn’t work. If we gave you £10 back for every £1 you gave to us, that would be great value, wouldn’t it? Here’s how to calculate the right PPC budget for your goals.

What services compliment PPC?

PPC is arguably the fastest way to more leads, and if it’s not a part of your marketing spend then boy are you making things hard for yourself.

Combine it with Paid Social Ads, Landing Page Design, and Email Automation for an unstoppable combination.

What are the next steps from here?

Fill in our pricing request form below and we’ll schedule a video call to discuss your goals and requirements. At the end of the call, you’ll leave with a tonne of insights and we will suggest a recommended level of investment.

Take the first step towards faster and more predictable revenue growth