Joining The Ranks: Louis Lobban

Louis Lobban
Louis Lobban

Well, where to start? – My name is Louis Lobban and I have just joined the ranks as one of Zest’s Digital Marketing Executives.

In 2012 I finished college and was looking to start a career. I always knew I wanted to work with computers, but I wasn’t particularly sure in which industry sector. I wasn’t overly keen to enter the world of never-ending bellows for help that is IT Support (“my computer won’t turn on!”) but I’d always had an interest in website design and development. I decided to pursue my search here.

After several interviews and hundreds of job applications, I received a phone call from a local SME asking me to come in for a chat. Two hours later I was a Technical Marketing Assistant!

I spent my first six months really getting to grips with the part I played in the marketing department, alongside training and development to ensure I was up to speed in this fast-moving industry.

Turn the clock forward two years and £2,000,000 in online sales later, and I was now a Technical Marketing Executive in charge of analysing, proposing and implementing changes to positively impact our online channels.

After working in-house on the same product for two years I wanted to diversify my surroundings. My next role at one of Britain’s largest Internet services companies did just this, broadening my experience outside of B2B Digital Marketing. It was here, having recently applied for a position with Zest that had unfortunately already been filled, that I was approached by Zest’s very own Alex Minchin. Alex asked if I would be interested in taking a Digital Marketing Executive role with him.

Already knowing Zest to be a fast-growing and innovative digital agency going from strength to strength, it was a no-brainer for me, and here I am!

Alongside my love for digital marketing and enterprise IT you will usually find me tinkering with my cars, working on my house, or spending quality time with the other half, my dog, and a captivating Netflix series.

Now that I’m here and settling in, I’m ready to tackle the never-ending job we all call digital marketing!

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