Growth Mapper

Your personalised roadmap towards predictable growth

"Growth Mapper helped us to think more deeply about the needs, wants, and conversion paths of our target customers, and to shift from a fixed plan to a test-based approach to growing sales. The workshop itself is one-off, but the tools learned will last a lifetime."

Michael Murdoch, CEO & Founder for The House London

Your competitive advantage

Growth Mapper is a set of creative exercises that together will help you create a growth-minded marketing plan. It harnesses your natural instincts, then provides you with the focus you need to turn what you know about your business into what you need to do to grow. 

Our work with over 350 businesses has shown us that those who fail to plan, fail to grow. 

Think of Growth Mapper as your personalised roadmap towards predictable growth: all you have to do is stretch your legs, and follow it. 


Growth Mapper

What we'll cover

Growth Mapper is broken down into nine exercises across three sections. These are outlined below. You’ll be guided through each exercise, extracting new ideas and insights along the way. 

Many a-ha moments will manifest as you progress through each section. These moments are transformed into your starting growth experiment ideas, ready for you and your team to take action on.

Take the first step towards faster and more predictable revenue growth

1. Profile

Business Profile

Capture your sales cycle and critical conversion points required for predictable revenue growth.

Customer Avatar

Customer Profile

Lower your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by intimately understanding your customer.


Competitor Profile

Shorten your optimisation paths and create ready-to-go ideas through competitor profiling.

2. Position


Optimise messaging and become customer-centric and benefit-led for more conversions.

Content Plan

Content Mapping

Map out key content themes based on your customer profile, to maximise engagement.

Channels & Tactics

Map out your customer’s path to conversion to inform your marketing activity and growth experiments.

3. Profit

Lead Magnets

Create ‘magic moment’ conversion events with potential customers to fill your pipeline.

Growth Map

Growth Mapping

Map out revenue growth scenarios designed to give you a clear roadmap towards success.


Turn your work into powerful marketing experiments that will fuel your revenue growth.
“"Growth Mapper has saved us countless hours, and has provided the structure and confidence that we needed to launch. It's totally transformed our mindset."

Gabriella Russell-Flint, The Zero Carbonist


The workshop is facilitated by one of our growth experts on a 1-1 basis, guiding you from start to finish. You will focus on a single customer profile and a single product/service, to maximise productivity within the time available. 

This workshop is split into 3x three-hour sessions held via Zoom. This allows for 1-hour per exercise.

Your sessions are recorded (with your permission), and are then packaged up for you to download and to refer back to as many times as you want.

Of course! More perspectives is a good thing, but too many chefs can spoil the broth. We allow up to three team members in total, per workshop.

Completing this growth marketing workshop will leave you with a significant amount of new insights and ideas ready for you to grow your business. More importantly, you’ll leave with tools that you can apply forever more.

The extent of value gained is unique to you and your business. The more open and engaged you are, the more you’ll get from your sessions. It’s important to note that it’s our job to coach and guide, not to answer for you.

We run through all exercises, but not all exercises will necessarily be completed due to either (a) not having the information available, or (b) running out of time. Your expert guide will ensure that your time is spent on the exercises most valuable to your situation.

Here’s the minimum that you’ll take away:

  • Zoom recordings of all sessions (with your permission)
  • A PDF of your Growth Mapper framework
  • New tools that you can use forever more

Whilst there is no limit on the return that you could make, we guarantee that you’ll make your investment back within 6-months if you execute on your ideas.

If, after 6-months of demonstrable effort, you haven’t covered your investment, we’ll jump on a 90-minute refresher call to help get you back on track.

Growth Mapper is priced at £1,950+VAT per workshop.

Take the first step towards faster and more predictable revenue growth