B2B Lead Generation & Email Automation

One-to-one conversations with your target customers

You've Got Mail

Email is said to deliver the highest return of any digital channel, returning $38 for every $1 invested, according to the DMA UK.

If you’re a B2B Business, you’ll want to engage in 1-1 conversations as part of your marketing plan to ramp up leads and revenue growth.

Think about it.

You have a target customer who is active online.

Their typical day has a (mostly) predictable pattern, just like yours. Emails at 9am, lunch at 1pm, emails last thing at 5pm.

They have goals and pain points that your product solves.

Your 1-1 B2B lead generation campaign places your business and your value propositions in exactly the right place.

And email automation works to layer up familiarity by creating valuable touchpoints that supports pipeline growth.

You may have heard the saying, “the money is in the list”…

It’s time to listen to that.

Our Proven B2B Lead Generation Process

Growth Map

Growth Map

We’ll create your entire roadmap from target audience, to messaging, to revenue and ROI forecasting.



A sample database of 1,500 targeted customer profiles is compiled from publicly available data.

Email Sequence

Email Sequences

Plan strategically designed email sequences that builds rapport, authority, and trust.

Content Writing

Email Copywriting

Professionally written copy that builds trust and authority with your prospective customers.

Email Optimisation

Our team will be on hand to analyse performance, and we’ll improve each email within each sequence.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Nurture

Build up a profile of your best hottest leads, and trigger automations based on their interactions.

Critical Thinking

Intelligent Messaging

Trigger-based personalised messaging to deliver to the right person, at the right moment.

Actionable Reporting

Available data on each step and for every critical action, to make informed business decisions.

Pipeline Growth

1-1 Conversations with your target customers are added to your pipeline for nurturing.

Take the first step towards faster and more predictable revenue growth

Trusted By The UK's Most Recognisable Businesses

Our average cost per conversion has reduced by 57% in the last 6-months, meaning we can achieve more leads within the same budget. Zest now have full management of the account as we are confident that they will deliver a solid return on investment, giving us time back to focus on other important aspects of our business.”

Matt Stevens, Head of TalentLens UK

Delivering Results For 10 Years

At Zest, we’ve been successfully helping businesses nationally and internationally to grow for a decade, and we have generated millions of pounds of revenue for our clients over that time.

We’re widely recognised as one of the UK’s most respected independent agencies, with a list of case studies as long as our arm to share with you.

When switching to Zest, you can be sure that:

Our Promise To You

Business Growth

Your business will grow. Our average client lifetime is 42-months and counting. That’s some loyalty…

Experienced Team

You will work with an experienced team, not a junior learning their trade on your marketing budget.

30-Day Guarantee

0% risk for the first 30-days. Find us another agency who will guarantee their work with that confidence…

Take the first step towards faster and more predictable revenue growth

You're In Good Company

“I cannot recommend the team at Zest highly enough. Our visibility on Google and elsewhere brings us new business every single day. These are opportunities that would quite simply never have found us if it wasn’t for their exceptional ability to deliver results year-on-year.

James Woollard, Managing Director for Polythene UK

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions below, to help you to understand if we’re the right partner for you:

Who do you work with?

We work with established B2B businesses who are looking to take the next step in their growth. Clients typically come to us once they’ve outgrown their current agency’s capabilities.

But I can send my own emails…

This is true. If you have the time, knowledge, skills, and tools to prepare data, set up small batch email sequences, warm-up your email account to avoid being blacklisted, testing, measuring, and adjusting at each step, responding to activity, and setting next actions… Then of course you do not require our help.

Do you work with specific email automation platforms?

For 1-1 B2B lead generation, we prefer Lemlist, Mailshake, and Apollo. For email automation we prefer ActiveCampaign, Drip, and ConvertKit depending on your business requirements. We prefer these options because of their usability, workflows, and ability to deliver at scale.

Will you send my newsletter for me? 

Sorry friend, that’s not our game. We drive 1-1 conversations and build email automation workflows as part of a marketing funnel to drive leads. 

Our work is solely to progress your prospective customers through the buying cycle and into genuine opportunities for you to grow your pipeline.

What are the benefits of email automation? 

There are many, but the main function is to automate the sending of timely emails, based on certain triggers. As a user engages with your business, they will receive relevant emails without the need for human intervention.

This creates a far more effective system since emails can be sent at exactly the right moment. You get multiple bites of the cherry to follow-up with your prospective customer, versus just one if they land on your website and leave.

It makes your business marketing funnel more scalable, because you can send to thousands of users with no human (staffed) effort. 

Thirdly, performance is more measurable, since you will send the same email over and again giving you consistent data, as opposed to your sales team sending different emails. You can then split-test and optimise this to improve conversions over time.

What services compliment email?

Email plays a very important behind-the-scenes role. Whilst there are a range of complimentary services, we’d recommend combining this with PPC, Paid Social, and Landing Page Design for a fierce combination to build your list and marketing funnel sequence.

What are the next steps from here?

Fill in our pricing request form below and we’ll schedule a video call to discuss your goals and requirements. At the end of the call, you’ll leave with a tonne of insights and we will suggest a recommended level of investment.

Take the first step towards faster and more predictable revenue growth